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Tibetan Spaniel - what is he like?


What is actually Tibetan Spaniel like? Well, he is of course the most beautiful one, the nicest one, the bonniest one, simply the best (that reminds me someone – yeah, he is just like me). Of course, other dog owners would be arguing back because their dog is for them the best one.  I have found out a lot of interesting information about Tibetan Spaniels. They for example help to treat people with mental problems. Their character influences the patients very calmative way. Also in their place of origin they were used as a guard dogs but just in certain point. Thanks to their great sight they could see the danger on a long distance and than they gave the information to the others. The others were Tibetan bandogs who took care of the guarding itself. Tibetan Spaniels had even religious mission. They say that they were skilled for turning praying-wheels.


It certainly doesn’t mean that Tibetan Spaniels bark too much like some of small types of dogs. I don’t really like those dogs which you hear first and than you accidently step on them because they are not seen well.  This dog fits me very well because he doesn’t bark when it is not necessary. He is fantastically nice to his family and always wants to protect it. He is restrained with people who he doesn’t know but only until he finds out that everything is ok.  He also acts fantastically to children and is very tolerant to them. When the kids get on his nerves, he usually goes hide somewhere.  He also gets along very well with other pets in the house.


Certain sources say that one third of origin of Tibetan Spaniel is monkey, one third was lion and one third was dog. He likes to be close to his owner on sight and keeps the contact with him constantly but never bothers him.  He likes to move but he is not very exacting, even for taking care of him itself. It is enough to comb him out only once a week. Considering the small amount of these dogs the breeding is carefully watched. That means that they don’t get diseases very often and their genetic character don’t change. This is because of very strict requirements for breeding of these dogs. These requirements you can find on websites of KCHTŠ. It is ideal doggie for homes of older people who are looking for a modest companion.