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Champions from us - C.I.B. FRANCIS Honzíkova cesta


FRANCIS Honzíkova cesta


C.I.B. FRANCIS Honzíkova cesta is sister of our Florinka. These girls look alike unbelievably.


One family took Francis just as their new pet. They started to call her Daisy. Everything is different now – they have more doggies and join actively many exhibitions – very successfully by the way. Father is not the master of the house anymore...


Congratulation to her exhibition successes and we are very grateful to her new family.

Name:  C.I.B. FRANCIS Honzíkova cesta
Sex: Dam
Born: 3.7.2011
Sir: C.I.B. ALLISTER Bohemian by Birth
Dam: C.I.B. CATALINA Honzíkova cesta
Owner: Jana Šťastná
State: Czech Republic
Actualities: 17.4.2016
Titles: Czech champion
  Czech grand champion
  Champion of CMKU
  Czech club champion
TopTibeťák: 2013 - FEMALE - 9. place out of 33 registered
  2014 - FEMALE - 2. place out of 23 registered
  2015 - FEMALE - 8. place out of 28 registered
TopTibeťák (TopTibetan) is a competition held by our club since the year 2000. You can find more information on web this website .