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Champions from us - Ch. FLORANCE Honzíkova cesta


FLORANCE Honzíkova cesta


Ch. FLORANCE Honzíkova cesta is our last arrival to our kennel. And she is little devil...


We have kept Florinka in our kennel as a follower of Avigdor line (Samarghata – Catalina – Florance). The results of exhibitions which she has already attended show that it was a good decision. She has obtained a championship of the Czech Republic during not even one month. Her character is very calm and friendly.

Name:  Ch. FLORANCE Honzíkova cesta
Sex: Dam
Born: 3.7.2011
Sir: C.I.B. ALLISTER Bohemian by Birth
Dam: C.I.B. CATALINA Honzíkova cesta
Owner: Mgr. Jan Krček and Michaela Krčková
Kennel: Honzíkova cesta
State: Czech Republic
Actualities: 17.5.2014
Titles: Czech junior champion
  Czech champion
  Czech grand champion
  Champion of CMKU
  Czech club champion
TopTibeťák: 2012 - FEMALE - 4. place out of 29 registered
2013 - FEMALE - 7. place out of 33 registered
  2015 - FEMALE - 21. place out of 28 registered
  2015 - BREEDERS FEMALE - 24. place out of 26 registered
  2016 - BREEDERS FEMALE - 9. place out of 21 registered
TopTibeťák (TopTibetan) is a competition held by our club since the year 2000. You can find more information on web this website .