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Champions from us - Ch. EVELÍNA Honzíkova cesta


EVELÍNA Honzíkova cesta


Ch. EVELÍNA Honzíkova cesta came from the first litter of puppies of our Alice and looks just like her mother. She likes to pet and she is very friendly to people and other dogs.


She is doing very well at the exhibitions and only five of them were enough to get a title of champion of the Czech Republic.


Congratulation to her exhibition successes and we are very grateful to her new family.

Name:  Ch. EVELÍNA Honzíkova cesta
Sex: Dam
Born: 3.11.2010
Sir: C.I.B. BÉLOS Perla mahagon
Dam: C.I.B. ALICE Zlatá Ina
Owner: Ing. Milan Vencl
Kennel: Tibet Princess
State: Czech Republic
Actualities: 17.5.2014
Titles: Czech champion
TopTibeťák: 2012 - FEMALE - 19. place out of 29 registered
2013 - FEMALE - 16. place out of 33 registered
TopTibeťák (TopTibetan) is a competition held by our club since the year 2000. You can find more information on web this website .