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Champions from us - Ch. ANIČKA Honzíkova cesta


ANIČKA Honzíkova cesta


Ch. ANIČKA Honzíkova cesta has moved to a breeding station which occupies with dogs, especially Tibetan Spaniels for many years. However, we are often told how disobedient she is and she sometimes likes to do whatever she wants, but it is always told with smile and love. We are very glad that Anička has found her home among such a people who love dogs. She gives us the honor in dog society thanks to them. 


Thank them very much and we wish them all the best.

Name:  Ch. ANIČKA Honzíkova cesta
Sex: Dam
Born: 29.5.2003
Dam: C.I.B. SAGARMATHA Modrá písnička
Owner: Jana Zajícová
Kennel: Zlatý Klondike
State: Czech Republic
Actualities: 17.5.2014
Titles: Czech champion
  Czech club champion
TopTibeťák: 2004 - FEMALE - 12. place out of 15 registered
2005 - FEMALE - 7. place out of 17 registered
2006 - FEMALE - 9. place out of 21 registered
2007 - FEMALE - 10. place out of 31 registered
2008 - FEMALE - 17. place out of 29 registered
  2011 - FEMALE - 21. place out of 29 registered
  2012 - FEMALE - 24. place out of 29 registered
  2016 - FEMALE - 16. place out of 20 registered
TopTibeťák (TopTibetan) is a competition held by our club since the year 2000. You can find more information on web this website .