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Champions from us - C.I.B. ADÉLKA Honzíkova cesta


ADÉLKA Honzíkova cesta


ICh. ADÉLKA Honzíkova cesta is a treasure above all. With her owner make our breeding station very happy. Adelka were the first Tibetan Spaniel in the Czech Republic which has obtained the title of grand champion from several countries four times and were even the first Tibetan Spaniel on the world which has obtained the title of show Champion of Hungary. After all, her long list of obtained championships speaks for everything.


We are very grateful for this and we wish you to manage everything as you have so far.

Name:  C.I.B. ADÉLKA Honzíkova cesta
Sex: Dam
Born: 29.5.2003
Dam: C.I.B. SAGARMATHA Modrá písnička
Owner: Iveta Manďáková
State: Czech Republic
Actualities: 12.1.2015
Titles: Czech champion
  Czech grand champion
  Czech veteran champion
  Czech club champion
  Czech club veteran champion
  Slovakia champion
  Slovakia grand champion
  Austria champion   
  Hungary champion
  Hungary grand champion
  Hungary show champion
  Hungary veteran champion
  Romania champion
  Romania grand champion
TopTibeťák: 2005 - FEMALE - 14. place out of 17 registered
2006 - FEMALE - 2. place out of 21 registered
2007 - FEMALE - 1. place out of 31 registered
2008 - FEMALE - 4. place out of 29 registered
2009 - FEMALE - 6. place out of 29 registered
2010 - FEMALE - 2. place out of 24 registered
  2011 - FEMALE - 2. place out of 29 registered
  2012 - FEMALE - 2. place out of 29 registered
  2013 - FEMALE - 3. place out of 33 registered
  2014 - FEMALE - 12. place out of 23 registered
TopTibeťák (TopTibetan) is a competition held by our club since the year 2000. You can find more information on web this website .